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fluxx addiction

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6th March 2005

chris_goodwin2:28pm: Strip Fluxx and Hardcore Fluxx
I'm going to hell for this. And the Looneys are going to send me there.

Behind the cut. Not safe for work.Collapse )

5th March 2005

chris_goodwin11:26pm: Fluxxx
I wonder if I should post my Strip Fluxx and Hardcore Fluxx cards.....
ninjamonkeyspy3:28am: Card Ideas
I have come up with a few card ideas in the last couple of years. Some with help from others, but it's been so long that I don't remember who or when. (Those marked with an asterisk came from suggestions on RabbitWiki.) These are my favorites:

Draw Zero
Draw zero cards per turn and ignore any Hand Limit in play. If all players have no cards, the last player to play must deal three cards to each player and begin a new turn.

Discard 1
Discard 1 card per turn. If you have any cards left, you must discard 1 card after observing the current Draw and Play rules.

Please Recycle
The first card drawn on your turn must be drawn from the bottom of the discard pile.

Random Play *
Every card played on your turn must be drawn at random by the other players, beginning with the player to your left.

Opposite Day *
Switch the Draw and Play rules, and switch the Hand Limit and Keeper Limit. This also applies to any bonuses in effect.

Bass Ackwards *
Play at the beginning of your turn and draw at the end.

Draw X *
When it is your turn to draw, roll a standard six-sided die to determine how many cards you will draw. Rolling a six counts as zero.

Play X *
When it is your turn to play, roll a standard six-sided die to determine how many cards you will play. Rolling a six counts as zero.

New Rule Limit 1, New Rule Limit 2, New Rule Limit 3, New Rule Limit 4, New Rule Limit 5 *
No more than X rules may be in play at the end of your turn.

Escalation *
If the deck runs out of cards, add one to each number of the Basic Rules. This Escalation cannot be undone, even if this rule is trashed.

Frenzy *
Attach an action to this rule (this does not count as a play if you played this rule). Each player must perform this action at the end of each turn.

Go Away *
New players may not join the game.

No Privacy
At the beginning of your turn, cards must be drawn face up so that all players may see.

Throw Away 1
As 1 of your plays, 1 unwanted card may be played to the trash pile without its usual action taking effect.

If you finish a turn with one card, say "uno"! If another player says "uno" first, that player draws one card for every player except you.

Finder's Keeper
Choose any Keeper in the discard pile and play it as your own.

Trash Goal
Trash the current goal and Double Agenda if it is in effect.

Steal a Hand
Take another player's hand and add it to your own. Deal that player a new hand of 3 cards.

Wash Your Hands
All players must discard their hands. Deal each player 3 cards.

Rotate Keepers
All players pass their Keepers to the player next to them. You decide which direction.

Ants! *
Trash all food Keepers in play.

Do Nothing
This card does nothing, but it counts as one play when you do not want to play another card.

Bankrupt! *
Trash your hand and your keepers.

Play this card on someone else's turn after they play an action or keeper. Play that card as your own. This card has no effect during your turn.

Oh No You Don't *
Play this card on someone else's turn immediately after someone else wins, and trash the current goal. This card has no effect during your turn.

Play All Now
Play all now. Your turn ends when you have no cards left.

Flip It and Reverse It
Without shuffling, turn the draw deck and trash pile over, and replace each with the other.

At the end of your turn, the next player is skipped.

This One's On Me
Draw and trash one card at a time until you draw an action. Beginning with you, every player plays the action before your turn resumes.

If someone has 7 or more Goals, then the player with the most Goals wins.

If no player can draw or play, the last player to run out of cards wins!</small>

This Goal cannot be satisfied by any conditions.

Look Ma, No Hand!
The first player with no cards in hand wins. In case of a tie, continue playing until a clear winner emerges.

Keeper-bases Goals
Leo Tolstoy: War and Peace
Milk Money: Milk and Money
Rest In Peace: Peace and Sleep/Death
Daydreams: Sun and Dreams
Sundial: Sun and Time
Money on My Mind: Money and Brain
Money Buys Happiness: Money and Peace

R.E.M.: Sleep and Eye
Insight: Brain and Eye
Cream, No Sugar: Coffee and Milk
Desert: Pyramid and Sun (I think this card existed as a promo once?)
Bakery: Doughnuts and Bread (this one too, same promo even?)

10th January 2005

tsukikage8511:47pm: lactose intolerance
So I was thinking about possible goals today:
lactose intolerance = milk + death

22nd November 2004

panzergeist8:44pm: Bye guys.

25th October 2004

panzergeist5:21pm: I was thinking the other day that goals with more than two keeprs (but under four to be less confusing) would be kind of fun. What do you think?

23rd October 2004

ninja_gamer12:56am: Anyone ever play, Stoner Fluxx?
panzergeist12:54am: Yeah so this is the first entry. I love Fluxx, it's the craziest, stupidest, most fun card game ever.
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